We are committed to always thinking and acting sustainably. From our products to our daily operations to our interactions with each other - we work every day to become more sustainable.

People, Planet, Product

We take responsibility for people and nature. We think and act sustainably out of inner conviction. And we do so holistically with a view to our colleagues, customers and partners, our environment, and our products and processes.


Compliance with social standards has always been a top priority for us, which we ensure through our Code of Conduct, regular audits and recognized certificates (e.g. BSCI).


Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce CO2 emissions. This is also the primary goal on our path to greater sustainability. However, we offset unavoidable CO2 emissions and also support the "Plastic Bank" environmental project.


We are working to change our products and packaging to sustainable and recyclable materials. The durability of our products also means that they do not have to be disposed of after a short period of use.

Facts and Figures


For years, we have been reusing our suppliers' cartons for shipping goods to our customers - saving materials and resources. All new cartons are climate neutral.


In the future, we will not use polybags as outer packaging for picking units anymore and use paper banderoles instead.

our articles contain sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel or recycled polyester
0 kg
CO2 we compensate per year
of the fleet vehicles are hybrid models

Many of our materials used carry the Oeko Tex® 100 Zertifikat. This means that no substances harmful to the skin were used in the production of socks.


The aim of the BSCI initiative is to improve working conditions and social standards along the supply chain worldwide. Some of our suppliers are members here.


ONSKINERY is climate neutral*. We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions and also support the "Plastic Bank" climate protection project. An important step on our way to greater sustainability.

Together with ClimatePartner, we have drawn up the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF): from heating and energy to employee travel, business trips and office supplies. We also calculated the raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal of our products. For 2021, we are offsetting 913,528 kg of CO2 - these emissions are offset through wind power projects.

In addition, through our cooperation with ClimatePartner, we support the "Marine Protection" project of the "Plastic Bank". In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, local residents collect plastic waste. At collection points, they can exchange it for money, food, drinking water, or even school fees. The project ensures that less plastic ends up in the sea. Instead, it is recycled and processed into so-called social plastic, which serves as a raw material for new products, such as packaging.

*Indirect emissions occurring outside the company, such as from the production of raw materials and intermediate products, external logistics, and the use and disposal of products or other processes, are not subject to climate neutrality.

For every ton of CO2 offset, 10 kg of plastic waste is collected. In our case, this means over 9,000 tons of plastic waste. This is how we combine marine conservation with climate neutrality!