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ONSKINERY. Creating Convenience.

ONSKINERY. CREATING CONVENIENCE. ONSKINERY is a service and retail company that devotes itself to the product area of legwear with passion and expertise.

The idea for ONSKINERY came from the company camano, one of the largest socks and stockings manufacturers: to offer a service concept for brands and retail that goes beyond production and marketing.

ONSKINERY adds to its passion and expertise whilst building partnerships by putting its faith in the development of a flexible system landscape. In doing so, the experienced employees, working with the systems, will make the legwear product category more desirable and economical. Both retail outlets and the brands benefit from the advantage of our data-based portfolio management.

We devote ourselves to the mundane subject of socks and stockings each day, with all our hearts. This results in efficient, comprehensive solutions; from production to marketing. We ensure that not only the customers, but also our partners – the licensers and retailers – feel good. That's what we call: Creating Convenience.

ONSKINERY. The Benefits:

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