Creating Convenience.


Expert licence partner for global and local brands. The leading service provider and all-round legwear specialist in Europe for all business models, marketplaces and channels. 

Success primarily comes from clear brand positioning and consistent brand management. This is characterised by brand values that are clearly defined by purchasing criteria and products being clearly differentiated from each other. Neither the industry nor retailers are passionate about the complexity of low-interest product groups and do not exploit their potential successfully enough. 

Our roots:

 We have developed from a family-run company into a multi-channel service provider which is active all throughout Europe. We successfully produce, develop and market socks and offer a variety of services in the legwear sector.

What makes our business successful:

We stand out through our secure interaction with licence brands and structured total market coverage. We offer comprehensive approaches incl. rack jobbing, POS quality assurance, merchandising, area management and controlling. We are passionate about the entire process chain from collection planning to the POS. 

What we want to achieve: 

Our aim is to be the leading service provider and comprehensive legwear specialist in Europe. It is time for strong brands, attractive products, comprehensive service and efficient trading. 

What makes us stand out from the crowd:

 We have been sock experts for more than 20 years. We are passionate about socks as a product and all that goes along with it.

What drives us: 

The purchasing behaviour of customers has changed. The array of brands and products on offer have become confusing and digitisation is continually providing us with new tasks. We face up to these challenges with passion and tackle them step by step. 


Discovering new ideas together

Socks are our life. We have focused on the sock market with passion and joy for 20 years and during this time we have become the market leader in legwear. Our path took us from being a ‘multi-brand retailer’ to being a passionate service partner.

Our know-how makes us the perfect stage for brands. Not only do we ensure the best chances of maximum profit, but customers and partners feel happy with us. That's what ‘Creating Convenience’ means to us. 


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