Full Service

Full service – above-average area productivity due to unique expertise and the vertical business/service model with comprehensive processing and accounting.

Continuous dialogue with our retail partners in all channels, the change in the market and the corresponding new specialist requirements inspired us to create the service provider product ONSKINERY. We have comprehensive business and cooperation models that allow us to offer a tailored solution for every retailer. Starting with "standard cooperation" and ranging all the way to complete area management. 

A further benefit is the ‘best-fit’ placement to suit the shopper profile depending on the location and retailer. This improves the chances of increased sales and productivity or more economical pricing.


Area and portfolio management

We represent an ideal brand portfolio with brands that cover all sectors. A perfectly coordinated portfolio which is ideally suited to the product ensures greater efficiency, guaranteed sales and the best chances of maximum profit. Further advantages include the continuous availability of bestsellers and the reduction of non-sales.

We offer an full service package with ONSKINERY. This includes complete area management and ascertainment of the right product portfolio. We also ensure continuous reordering.

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Quality German legwear sent all over the world

Our high-performance logistics centre offers:

  • A highly modern 6,000-square-metre logistics hall
  • Strict product quality controls
  • Innovative MS NAVISON inventory system
  • Quick reaction times
  • Guaranteed delivery time of 24–48 hours
  • Gap-free NOS service