As a passionate brand developer, we extract the maximum potential out of all brands and categories and, in the process, ensure the visibility and presence of the products in all relevant online and offline distribution channels.

Before it is accepted into the portfolio, each product brand is carefully checked by us, as the licence holder, and compared with the other portfolio brands in terms of synergies, market requirement and uniqueness, in order to avoid cannibalisation. We guarantee optimal market coverage and sales channel positioning, which in turn reassures our licensers that their products will be marketed in the best way possible. We offer different business models, ranging from selective sales distribution to a complete licence, depending on the situation and estimated potential. 

Brand management

We make use of an internally developed portfolio system to control and manage brands.

This brand portfolio system ensures that our brands do not cannibalise each other. Clear differentiation of the individual brands is an essential component of market success.

Our aim is to gain access to and coverage of the entire market. From the mass market to the luxury sector – always suited to the brand in question. 



Our global production network allows us to work exclusively with partners who ensure our ecological and ethical working guidelines are adhered to. The fact that our partners are BSI-certified or carry the OEKO-TEX seal makes it possible for us to uphold these high ethical standards.

Wir weben die Träume Ihrer Beine

Distribution & retailer-network

We have a comprehensive customer portfolio that covers the entire market.

From high-end to the mass market, we are able to offer a unique mix and have over 9,000 sales points in retail outlets in Germany alone.

Our customers provide us with varied data from a wide variety of sales channels. We use these key figures as a basis to identify ideally coordinated brand portfolios.

Our ONSKINERY full-service customers: